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JAA Lifestyle Login & Registration [Update] 2022: Hello friends here comes another blog on Jaan Lifestyle. Do you want to log in to Jaa Lifestyle? If your account is also registered in Jaa Lifestyle, then you must have tried to log in at some point in time.

Here in this post, we have covered all types of topics like Jaa Lifestyle’s service, business plan, benefits, Jaa Lifestyle Login and Sign Up process, etc.

If you are also thinking of earning some money by joining this company, then it is very important to know about the company first.

So in this time people are just also looking forward to earning more income so that at least their basic requirements get fulfilled. The internet has become one of the best ways to get offers and good sources to earn extra money.

Jaan Lifestyle Login & Registration Highlight

Company Jaa Lifestyle India Ltd
Founded 2020
Company Status Active
Membership Free and Paid
Register in MCA (India) 3 December 2020
Director (India) Johny VK
Registration No 12752286
Official Website jaalifestyle.com

What is Jaa Lifestyle?

This is a company that first started in London in 2020. After this, the company has been registered in India under the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affair) on December 3, 2020.

This company is based on advertising which promises to give the user a chance to earn money. The user can use it by registering and logging in to Jaa Lifestyle. Two plans have been issued by the company for registration, Free and Paid, which have different benefits.

JAA Lifestyle Login & Registration

JAA Lifestyle Login Procedure

We know that at this time internet is getting the very cheap and most common source for people. But we also knew that most people use the internet only for entertainment purposes.

Now you can also make a good income with the help of the internet. In the era of the pandemic, most people are doing income sitting at home with the help of surfing the internet only.

I have also seen many branches which later run away with their money. So first get good and full knowledge about it and join the company.

JAA Lifestyle is a company that provides people the advantages of learning money from the internet just city at home. In this article, you will know more about this company further.

JAA Lifestyle Registration Procedure

  • First of all open the Register page of the website- https://jaalifestyle.com/sign-up
  • Enter Name, Username, Sponsor’s Username, and Email, Confirm Email, Country, Phone No, etc.
  • After this, enter the date of birth, create a password and confirm it by entering the password again.
  • Select the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by checking the box.
  • Now, you can register by clicking on the “Sign Up” button.

How to Login to JAA Lifestyle?

If you have successfully already made registration on JAA Lifestyle on the official website, you can now go to the official website and log in. Follow the procedure to log in to the JAA Lifestyle:

JAA Lifestyle Login & Registration

  • First, open the Jaa Lifestyle Login page- https://jaalifestyle.com/login
  • Then, enter the User Name and Password. Which is created at the time of sign-up.
  • Now, you can log in by clicking on the button “Login”.

Note: If you are showing the option of Email Verify, then verify it by clicking on the Verify Confirm link in the Email ID.

JAA Lifestyle Register through EEHHAA App

  • First of all, go to the register page of EEHHAAA- https://app.eehhaaa.com/register
  • Enter Name, User Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, etc.
  • Then, create a password and enter the password you created in Confirm Password.
  • The next button has to be clicked. After this, type the name of Age, Gender, Country, and City.
  • Now, select ‘Terms & Condition’ and “I am not a robot”.
  • After that click on the button “Register”.

JAA Lifestyle Login through EEHHAA App

  • First, open the login page of the official site- https://app.eehhaaa.com/login
  • Again, the User Name and Password have to be filled in.
  • Also, enter the password and click on ‘Log In’.

How to reset JAA Lifestyle Login Password?

  • First of all, go to this page of the official website- https://jaalifestyle.com/forgot-password
  • Then, enter ‘Username’ and click on ‘Send’.
  • After this, a link will appear in the email id, click on it.
  • Enter Email ID, New Password, and Confirm New Password and click on “Reset Password”.

What to Reset Username of JAA Lifestyle?

In this section, we have mentioned the process which helps you in the Conditions when you forget the Username of JAA Lifestyle. So kindly follow the given process:-

  • So dear user if you have also forgotten the Username by itself for the account. mailto:[email protected]
  • Don’t worry just send the Email about this problem to” [email protected]
  • So early, you shall get a reply to the Email with a Great solution.
  • By using this solution you will be capable to recover your Username and your Login Process…

How to Verify Account in Jaa Lifestyle?

  • First login to the website with your login ID.
  • Then, go to the Overview of the Account section. After this, if Your Account is not verified and will appear in Personal Verification.
  • Click on the button of Verify My Account and click on Proceed to the Personal Verification.
  • After that, you have to make a payment. In which Paypal, Debit / Credit Card / Bank Transfer, Crypto and Google / Apple Pay, etc. can be used.
  • Then, the charge will have to be paid up to Rs 912. After making the payment, whatever process is there will have to be followed.

How to work on JAA Lifestyle?

  • JAA Lifestyle allows an easy networking scheme. Normally, the JAA lifestyle login page allows you to use your data and log in well. As per the Details, it offers users a sample scope to see the ads.
  • The user can watch 60 Ads daily giving a daily earning of about 243 rupees. You can also earn 7000 rupees a month just by looking at Ads.
  • And users can easily make a good income by adding new members through their through.
  • So if you add 3 new members, then your daily income will be earned by 250 rs. And by watching the ad you can earn money separately.
  • Despite this, you can also see the more plans which are mentioned in the networking scheme. The company may not have started yet but there is a pre-registration already available.
  • The best part is once the user gets access to the jaa lifestyle login page, they can use many services online.
  • The only thing about 1600 rupees as a KYC verification charge from the people described by the people is that this company being a registered one and having proof online states it is completely safe and the people’s money will not go everywhere

About JAA Lifestyle Company

  • When you visit the Official portal, there is a JAA lifestyle sign-in page that shall open. And this portal provides a great chance to earn extra money by performing simple activities. Gratitude the use of the internet, with so many platforms there is a better scope to earn additional income. And every people surfing the internet to play the game and earn money, make use of referral programs and other options by which they can earn additional prices.
  • Now talking about the portal, well such a site is yet to completely operational in India and besides, not many of the details are disclosed yet. But as per the experts who have researched it, it is believed that such a portal offers the users a better choice to earn additional money using different options.
  • Various options: Talking about different choices, the option to earn money through different options such as
    • Watching ads
    • Referral programs
    • Portal rewards its users for referring
    • Rewards for promoting the portal online through different means.

Important Links

User Sign Up | Login
Official Website Click Here

Contact Details of Jaa Lifestyle

  • Address: 48 Sri Sai Vaibhav Complex, II Stage 80 ft road Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore- 560079
  • Phone Number: +918792485550
  • Registration No: 12752286
  • Mail ID: [email protected], [email protected]


Where is the company’s office located?
At present, the company has offices in four countries which are Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

Can the username and sponsor be changed?
No, once it is created, you cannot change it. So make it right the first time itself.

How do you correct if the details are wrong?
If you have submitted your details incorrectly then you can contact me with the contact details.

What to do if Personal Verification is pending?
If you have submitted Verification for KYC but have not approved then wait for a while.

What is EEHHAAA Portal?
EEHHAAA is also the official site of JAA lifestyle. Users can also register and login into EEHHAAA.

How to reset your username?
In case of forgetting the username of JAA Lifestyle, contact [email protected] email.

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